Fire Apparatus Driver Operator Robert W. Fogle III

Bob Fogle was a 31 year member of the Pleasant Valley Community Fire Department. He was also a 27 year member of The Baltimore County Fire Department, and He was a University of Maryland MFRI Instructor working with the Carroll County “EST” Emergency Services Training Program where he taught Fire and EMS Students for over 5 years. He truly enjoyed teaching the young people who came through his classes and was always well respected by all of his students. Many of his Volunteer Students went on to becoming Career Fire Department Employees in Carroll County as well as the surrounding counties. Bob shared a true passion for golf and always looked forward to being the Co-Chair of the Pleasant Valley Fire Department Annual Golf Tournament and did so for over 20 years. He had also organized a yearly golf outing to Myrtle Beach with a group of friends that came to be know as the “Pleasant Valley Trailer Trash Golfers”.

Sadly On May 30th, 2014 while training with the Baltimore County Department Bob suffered a heart attack and died in the line of duty. He is survived by a wife and two beautiful children. We know he would’ve wanted us to continue his work helping others.

Robert W. Fogle III was 58 years old when he left us to teach God how to putt..

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